e2e Learning Station


This Industry developed and designed library combines the right mix of conceptual framework and practical wisdom.


We Encourage Experiential Learning

Each module is based on the premise that learning from experiences with an attitude leads to constant improvement. This is done through a problem solving based approach and experimental learning methods.


Our Engagement

Each participant is provided a platform to connect with the group on an online basis. Access to monthly video conversations with experts.


Get Skilled

The Library is specially developed and designed for our programs/interventions.Each participant gets skilled while going through all the content.


Peer to Peer Learning

One of the key constructs of each module is the diversity and pedegree of each participating fellow. We belive that when a group is formed the learning takes place in a multidimensional mode.


Engaging Industry Experts

The learning modules are handpicked from established sources in the industry who are experts in respective area of work.


Developing Key Competencies

Focus on each module is to ensure every participant is able to understand and realize their true potential and become a speacialist in their choosen competency.


  1. e2e team participates in writing white papers for National & International Universities and for International Collaborations. The papers are based on thorough research, e2e’s experience and expertise in the domain.
  2. A paper on People Capability Maturity Model got selected for publication in -
    • Carnegie Mellon University, USA, knowledge repository available online (This can be viewed by you if you are a member of CMU).
    • National Institute of Construction Management, India. It has got published in NICMAR Journal, Volume XXIII, Jan – Mar 2008 Edition.

"Without Knowledge action is useless and Knowledge without action is futile", -Abu Bakr